5 meals to keep away from when you have hay fever

Five foods to avoid if you have hay fever

  • Camembert and purple wine could possibly be triggers for hay fever-like signs
  • Histamine-rich meals could make hay fever signs worse, consultants say
  • Different types of hay fever could imply apples and melons make signs worse

Pollen counts have skyrocketed this month, signaling the beginning of six months of distress for tens of millions of hay fever victims.

However may altering your eating regimen and avoiding sure meals assist you keep away from a relentless runny nostril and watery eyes?

Right here, MailOnline explores the meals you must keep away from in the event you do not need to make your sniffles worse.

Blue cheese, purple wine and bacon in addition to fruits can set off hay fever signs because of their excessive histamine and pollen content material.

aged cheese

That is not excellent news for cheese lovers, as consultants say histamines present in sure kinds of cheese can wreak havoc on these with hay fever.

Histamine is the chemical that causes an allergic response.

Often, histamine is launched when the physique detects one thing dangerous, akin to an an infection. It causes the blood vessels to dilate and the pores and skin to swell to guard the physique.

However in individuals with allergy symptoms, the physique takes innocent issues, akin to pollen, mud, or animal hair, as a menace and produces histamine.

This causes the well-known allergic signs of itchy eyes, runny nostril, sneezing, and rashes.

All the pieces you must find out about hay fever

What precisely is hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergic response to pollen, a wonderful powder that comes from crops.

There’s extra pollen within the air in spring and summer season when crops are in bloom.

The response often happens when the pollen comes into contact with somebody’s eyes, nostril, mouth or throat.

Signs embody coughing and sneezing; a runny or stuffy nostril; itchy, purple or watery eyes; itchy throat, nostril, mouth or ears; complications and fatigue.

Does it worsen yearly?

The severity of hay fever relies on the climate.

Humid and wet circumstances wash away pollen, lowering the variety of individuals with signs and their severity.

Nevertheless, the dry climate blows the pollen into the air, the place it might probably simply get into the eyes and nostril.

The pollen season additionally seems to be getting longer, with a US examine final yr discovering it was prolonged by 30 days between 1990 and 2018.

When are the signs most extreme?

Hay fever signs are usually worse round 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., and that is as a result of the pollen is at nostril stage.

The pollen is on the bottom initially of the day and rises because the grass warms up.

Throughout the day, the pollen then rises very excessive within the ambiance.

Because the temperature cools in the course of the day, the pollen grains descend again to earth and round 6 p.m. they have a tendency to return to nostril stage.

However histamines are additionally current in some cheeses, particularly ripened and fermented cheeses.

Histamine is created by bacterial microbes, which develop on the rind of aged cheese to assist it ripen and shield it from dangerous pathogens, in response to a 2019 article revealed in Scientific Stories.

Dr Adrian Morris, an allergy specialist primarily based on the Surrey Allergy Clinic, stated: ‘When you have an allergy and also you react to pollen, you launch histamine.

“In the event you then eat meals excessive in pure histamine, you are extra more likely to have barely extra extreme signs.”

Cheeses akin to Stilton, Roquefort, Parmesan, Blue Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Feta and in addition plain yogurt may cause this histamine response in some individuals.

However he added that not all dairy merchandise trigger this downside.

Dr Morris stated: ‘It needs to be fermented milk merchandise. You need not keep away from milk and cottage cheese as it is not an issue in these meals.

Crimson wine

Similar to fermented cheese, wine can also be full of histamines.

“When you have a glass of purple wine and you’ve got hay fever, you are going to sneeze extra,” says Dr Morris.

Histamine is produced in the course of the fermentation and growing older means of wine.

However purple wine accommodates 20 to 200 p.c extra histamines than white wine, in response to Drinkwell.

Crimson wine accommodates between 60 and three,800 micrograms of histamines per litre.

That is considered as a result of purple wine is fermented with seeds and skins, which creates greater ranges of tannin, one other potential irritant that creates extra histamine.

Along with purple wine, cider, actual ale, and even balsamic vinegar could make hay fever signs worse, says Dr. Morris.

However beer could not have as a lot of an impact as wine. That is as a result of beer accommodates between 21 and 305 micrograms of histamine per liter, in response to Drinkwell.

Dried meat

Bacon won’t be on the menu in the event you discover it makes your signs worse.

That is as a result of deli meats, like salami, pepperoni, and processed ham, are excessive in histamines.

Rooster liver, pies, processed hen and any leftover meat may also trigger a response, Dr. Morris stated.

He stated: “They comprise pure histamine so while you eat them they fill your physique with histamine. You may have a mix of them, and the degrees could improve barely.

“Most individuals metabolize it nicely and that is not an issue. However some individuals could sneeze extra and itch extra.

Specialists say that in the event you then eat meals wealthy in pure histamine, you usually tend to have barely extra extreme signs. This contains cured meats and aged cheeses such because the blue cheese pictured above

He famous that fish, together with tuna, salmon, mackerel, caviar, pickled herring, and oysters, can all elevate your histamine ranges.

And the way these meals are cooked may additionally impression the extent of hay fever signs, in response to a 2017 Korean examine revealed in Annals of Dermatology.

For instance, grilled pork had the best histamine ranges in comparison with uncooked or boiled pork, which noticed histamine ranges drop by 60%.


Chocolate is assumed to set off histamine, the worst enemy of hay fever victims.

Even with out containing excessive ranges of the chemical, sure meals and drinks can set off the discharge of histamine from the physique’s mast cells discovered within the pores and skin, lungs, nostril, mouth, intestines, and blood.

Sure meals may also block the exercise of the enzyme, diamine oxidase, concerned within the breakdown of histamine.

Chocolate triggers each of those processes, in response to a 2007 article revealed within the American Journal of Medical Diet.

Because of this though chocolate is low in histamine, it might probably activate the discharge of present histamine within the physique.

Chocolate additionally accommodates different biogenic amine chemical compounds in meals, of which histamine is a sort that slows the breakdown of histamine, in response to Fig, an app to assist individuals with dietary restrictions.


Refreshing summer season fruits will not be the most effective snack for hay fever victims.

Unrelated to the results of histamine, sure fruits, greens, nuts and grains can set off hay fever signs, says Dr. Morris.

Oral allergy syndrome, also referred to as pollen-food syndrome, happens when the physique confuses the pollen construction of meals with that present in timber, grass, and weeds.

Oral allergy syndrome is a type of hay fever triggered by sure kinds of pollen, the three predominant ones being birch, grass and ragweed. Melon is a serious offender for individuals with pollen-food syndrome, as it’s unhealthy for many who are delicate to each grass and ragweed pollen.

What causes hay fever and what are the signs?

Hay fever impacts tens of millions of individuals. It’s an allergic response to pollen, often when it comes into contact with the mouth, nostril, eyes and throat.

Hay fever signs are worst between March and September when pollen counts are highest.

The chart explains the way you get an allergic response, akin to sneezing and coughing, from pollen

What are the signs?

  • Not like a chilly that solely lasts one to 2 weeks, hay fever lasts for months.
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Itchy, purple or watery eyes
  • Runny or stuffy nostril
  • Itchy throat, mouth, nostril and ears
  • Lack of odor
  • Feeling drained
  • Headache
  • Earache

Supply: ENM

This cross-reaction signifies that the immune system acknowledges the meals protein as an allergen and creates an allergic response.

Signs can embody swollen lips, an itchy mouth, and an itchy interior ear.

An entire vary of fruits can set off this response, however melon is a serious offender for individuals with pollen-food syndrome, as it’s unhealthy for many who are delicate to each grass and grass pollen. lice.

In case you are delicate to birch pollen, meals like apples, carrots, parsnips, pears, onions, tomatoes, wheat, celery, fennel, peanuts, walnuts, peaches, apples soil and kiwi, amongst others, may cause a response.

Different pollens may also trigger itching.

The grass pollen response will be triggered by melon, orange and tomato.

Mugwort pollen response will be brought on by celery and watermelon.

Ragweed pollen may also set off a response from bananas, honey, chamomile tea, and sunflower seeds.

However these allergy signs differ from individual to individual.

Dr Morris stated: “Folks with this situation won’t react to each meals, however they might react to 4 or 5 of them.”

He added: “Solely minimize issues in the event you discover it an issue, however I would not keep away from all of those meals as they will not be reactive.”

“Some persons are allergic to pollen and grass and do not react to fruit. However it’s good to concentrate on it.

Nevertheless, identical to histamines in meat, the way you prepare dinner your meals issues with regards to pollen allergy symptoms.

Dr Morris stated: ‘In the event you prepare dinner the meals you may cut back the allergy.

“Folks say that once they peel potatoes they get itchy palms and sneeze, but when they eat a unadorned potato it is wonderful.

“That is as a result of heating damages proteins, so that they’re much less of an issue.”

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