Head Shaking to Take away Trapped Water in Ears: Is it Protected?


Many people have skilled the discomfort of water getting trapped in our ears after swimming or having a shower. It is a widespread annoyance that usually results in the instinctive motion of shaking our heads vigorously to launch the water. However have you ever ever questioned if this technique is protected? Latest analysis means that head shaking to take away water from the ears may very well pose a danger of mind injury. On this article, we are going to discover the findings of this research, various strategies to take away trapped water, and the potential issues of leaving water within the ears.

The Dangers of Head Shaking

Researchers from Cornell College and Virginia Tech carried out experiments on 3D ear canals to check the acceleration required to dislodge water. The outcomes indicated that for toddler ear sizes, the acceleration concerned in head shaking was roughly ten occasions the power of gravity. This degree of acceleration has the potential to trigger mind injury.

Whereas the bigger diameter of grownup ear canals reduces the chance, it is vital to notice that the quantity and place of the water within the ear canal can have an effect on the required acceleration to launch it. The researchers recognized the floor stress of the fluid as an important issue that promotes water getting caught within the ear canals.

Safer Options to Take away Trapped Water

Fortuitously, there are various strategies to take away water trapped within the ears that don’t carry the chance of mind injury. Let’s discover a few of these safer options:

1. Gravity-Assisted Drainage

One of many easiest and best strategies is to let gravity do its job. Tilt your head to the facet with the waterlogged ear going through downwards, and gently pull on the earlobe to assist open the ear canal. This place permits gravity to tug the water out of the ear. Alternatively, you’ll be able to lie down in your facet with the affected ear going through downwards to encourage drainage.

2. Heat Compress

One other technique to encourage water drainage is to use a heat compress to the affected ear. Take a material and soak it in heat water, wring out the surplus water, after which maintain the nice and cozy compress towards the ear for about 30 seconds. Take away the compress for one minute and repeat the method 4 or 5 occasions. The heat helps to loosen the trapped water and promote its pure drainage.

3. Ear Drop Answer

If the earlier strategies fail, you’ll be able to attempt utilizing an ear drop answer comprised of a mix of half alcohol and half vinegar. This answer serves two functions: the alcohol helps the water evaporate, whereas the vinegar prevents bacterial development. Use a sterile dropper to use 3 or 4 drops of the answer to the affected ear. After two to a few minutes, tilt your head to the facet to permit the water to empty out.

It is vital to notice that the ear drop answer shouldn’t be used when you’ve got an current ear an infection, ear ache, or a perforated eardrum or ear tube.

Understanding Swimmer’s Ear

The first cause why we really feel the necessity to take away trapped water from our ears is to stop a situation often known as “swimmer’s ear.” Swimmer’s ear is an outer ear an infection that generally happens when water will get trapped within the ear canal. The nice and cozy and moist setting created by the trapped water makes the ear extra vulnerable to bacterial development and an infection.

Ear, nostril, and throat surgeon Michael Jay explains that the ear canal is especially weak to an infection as a result of it’s a blind cul-de-sac. Water that continues to be within the ear for extended durations could make the pores and skin soggy and improve the chance of an infection. Swimmer’s ear tends to peak throughout the hotter months when extra folks have interaction in water actions.

Recognizing the Signs of Swimmer’s Ear

It is important to pay attention to the signs of swimmer’s ear in order that immediate remedy could be sought if mandatory. The widespread signs embody:

  • Itching contained in the ear
  • A blocked sensation within the ear
  • Muffled listening to
  • A discharge of pus from the ear
  • Ache within the ear

If left untreated, swimmer’s ear can result in issues similar to an infection spreading to the face and even affecting the bones and cartilage within the cranium. Due to this fact, it is essential to handle the problem of trapped water within the ears promptly and take preventive measures to keep away from swimmer’s ear.

Preventive Measures for Swimmer’s Ear

Prevention is commonly one of the best method in the case of swimmer’s ear. Listed below are some preventive measures you’ll be able to take to cut back the chance of growing this situation:

  • Dry your ears totally after swimming or showering. Use a clear towel or a hairdryer on a low setting to softly dry the outer a part of your ears.
  • Tilt your head back and forth to assist water drain out after swimming.
  • Use earplugs or a swimming cap to maintain water out of your ears whereas swimming.
  • Keep away from inserting objects similar to cotton swabs or fingers into your ears, as this could injury the fragile ear canal and improve the chance of an infection.


Whereas head shaking could seem to be a pure intuition to take away trapped water from the ears, analysis means that it may doubtlessly result in mind injury, particularly in infants. It is essential to discover safer options to stop issues. Gravity-assisted drainage, heat compresses, and ear drop options are efficient strategies to encourage the pure drainage of water from the ears. By understanding the dangers and taking preventive measures, you’ll be able to make sure the well being and well-being of your ears and luxuriate in water actions with out the fear of swimmer’s ear.

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