Introducing SRS (Sender Rewrite Scheme) for Improved E-mail Forwarding Reliability

E-mail forwarding performs an important position in our digital communication, permitting us to obtain emails from one handle in one other inbox. Nevertheless, guaranteeing the profitable supply of forwarded emails will be more difficult than one may suppose. At SiteGround, we perceive the significance of dependable electronic mail forwarding for our prospects, which is why now we have launched the Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS). This progressive answer considerably enhances the supply charges of forwarded emails and improves the general reliability of our electronic mail companies.

The Challenges of Forwarding Emails

In relation to incoming emails, receiving servers usually carry out a verification course of to find out the legitimacy of the sending server and determine whether or not to just accept the e-mail. This test is essential to forestall malicious senders from infiltrating our inboxes. One widespread methodology used for this verification is the Sender Coverage Framework (SPF) report.

A site that sends authentic emails should have an SPF report, which defines the IP addresses or hosts approved to ship messages on behalf of that area. Nevertheless, within the case of electronic mail forwarding, the sender sends the e-mail to a vacation spot handle, which then forwards it to the top recipient. Because of this the top recipient receives the e-mail from a “mediator” server, which will not be allowed to ship messages on behalf of the sending area in response to its SPF report.

Because of this, the receiving server might reject or classify the forwarded electronic mail as spam attributable to SPF failure. This poses a big problem for dependable electronic mail forwarding and may result in essential emails ending up within the spam folder or being rejected altogether.

Introducing Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS)

To deal with these challenges and enhance the reliability of electronic mail forwarding, SiteGround has carried out the Sender Rewrite Scheme, also called Mail SRS. This progressive answer permits us to rewrite the sender handle of forwarded emails, guaranteeing that they cross the SPF test and are delivered efficiently to the top recipient.

By implementing our personal Spam Safety system, now we have gained higher flexibility in dealing with outgoing electronic mail visitors. This has enabled us to grow to be one of many few internet hosting firms that may implement Sender Rewrite Scheme. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at how this performance works and the advantages it brings to our customers.

How Does Sender Rewrite Scheme Work?

The Sender Rewrite Scheme works by modifying the sender handle of forwarded emails to make sure they adjust to the SPF report of the sending area. This modification is completed by the middleman server, which acts because the mediator between the sender and the recipient.

When an electronic mail is forwarded, the middleman server rewrites the sender handle to a website approved by the SPF report. This permits the receiving server to confirm the e-mail in opposition to the SPF report of the approved area, relatively than the unique sending area. Because of this, the forwarded electronic mail is extra more likely to be accepted and delivered to the top recipient with out triggering SPF failure.

Advantages of Sender Rewrite Scheme for E-mail Forwarding

Implementing Sender Rewrite Scheme brings a number of important advantages for electronic mail forwarding on SiteGround’s servers. Let’s discover the benefits that this progressive answer provides to our customers:

1. Improved E-mail Deliverability

By rewriting the sender handle to a certified area, Sender Rewrite Scheme considerably improves the deliverability of forwarded emails. With SPF compliance ensured, the receiving server is extra more likely to settle for and ship the e-mail to the meant recipient’s inbox, relatively than classifying it as spam or rejecting it.

2. Avoidance of SPF Failure

One of many essential challenges of electronic mail forwarding is SPF failure, which may result in emails being rejected or marked as spam. Sender Rewrite Scheme mitigates this difficulty by modifying the sender handle to match a certified area, guaranteeing that the forwarded electronic mail passes the SPF test and reaches its vacation spot efficiently.

3. Enhanced Fame Administration

Sustaining a great electronic mail status is essential for efficient communication. Sender Rewrite Scheme helps protect the status of the unique sender by guaranteeing that forwarded emails adjust to SPF information. This reduces the possibilities of the unique sender’s area being related to spam or unauthorized electronic mail exercise.

4. Preservation of E-mail Formatting and Headers

When an electronic mail is forwarded, it is important to protect the unique formatting and headers to take care of the integrity of the message. Sender Rewrite Scheme ensures that these essential parts stay intact throughout the forwarding course of. This permits the recipient to view the forwarded electronic mail because it was initially despatched, with none important alterations.

The best way to Allow Sender Rewrite Scheme on SiteGround

Enabling Sender Rewrite Scheme in your electronic mail forwarding on SiteGround is an easy course of. Comply with these steps to reap the benefits of this progressive answer:

  1. Log in to your SiteGround internet hosting account.
  2. Navigate to the E-mail part and choose the Forwarders possibility.
  3. Find the e-mail forwarder you want to modify and click on on the Edit button.
  4. Within the Edit Forwarder display screen, allow the Sender Rewrite Scheme possibility.
  5. Save your adjustments, and the Sender Rewrite Scheme will likely be enabled for the chosen electronic mail forwarder.

It is essential to notice that enabling Sender Rewrite Scheme requires entry to the DNS information of the sending area. It might additionally contain further setup steps relying in your particular electronic mail configuration. If you happen to encounter any difficulties or want help, our help group is accessible 24/7 that can assist you with the setup course of.


E-mail forwarding is a vital function for a lot of of our prospects, and we perceive the challenges related to guaranteeing its reliability. With the introduction of Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS), SiteGround has taken a big step ahead in enhancing electronic mail forwarding supply charges and bettering general reliability.

By rewriting the sender handle of forwarded emails, Sender Rewrite Scheme ensures that they adjust to SPF information, resulting in improved deliverability and a lowered threat of SPF failure. This progressive answer advantages our customers by bettering electronic mail deliverability, avoiding SPF failure, enhancing status administration, and preserving electronic mail formatting and headers.

To reap the benefits of Sender Rewrite Scheme on SiteGround, comply with the easy steps outlined above. Our help group is all the time out there to help you with any questions or considerations you’ll have. Benefit from the enhanced reliability of electronic mail forwarding with SiteGround’s Sender Rewrite Scheme!

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